At 10pm on 12/06/2020, the City and County of San Francisco enacted a new Stay at Home Order in an attempt to slow the spread of
the COVID-19 virus in the community. This order prohibits massage during this time. Though the State of California has carved out an
exception for medical massage, which allows massage with a note/referral from a medical practitioner, local restrictions may be more
broad-reaching in scope and the stricter policy is the one that applies.
San Francisco's Stay at Home Order is stricter than the State's Order
and does not include an exception for medical massage or massage that takes place in a healthcare practioner's office.

I spoke with the San Francisco Department of Public Health on Monday, December 7, 2020 in order to clarify the order as it applies to
massage in San Francisco. According to SFDPH, the only individuals who can perform massage during this time are state licensed MDs,
Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, RNs, Naturopaths and Acupuncturists;
massage is not to be performed by massage
therapists who work in the offices of these practitioners
. Any massage therapist found violating this order will be fined and lose their license
to practice massage in the State of California.

When massage is allowed to resume, these are the COVID-19 safety protocols I have instituted in my practice with the goal of

"You keep me safe, I keep you safe."
  • I get tested regularly - every 5-7 days;

  • You must wear a NON-VENTED mask covering your nose and mouth from the time you enter the building until you exit the

  • Pre-massage COVID-19 Questionnaire - sent by email within 2-3 hours of your appointment - please complete before arriving;

  • Temperature and blood oxygen saturation checks are recorded when you arrive;

  • New clients are accepted only with a referral from a regular current client;

  • 90 minute buffer between appointments - allows air circulation, sanitizing furnishings, carpet, curtains, and high-touch surfaces;

  • Use of an FDA registered disinfectant approved for use in fighting COVID-19;

  • I change clothing between appointments;

  • I wear goggles;

  • I do not remove my mask or eat or drink in the massage room - ever!

  • No-touch hand sanitizer dispensers using 75% alcohol with essential oils have been installed in the room;

  • A window in the massage room remains open all day;

  • The table is heated, the room heater is on, blankets are available for an extra $15 charge;

  • An Ultra-HEPA air purifier runs all day;

  • All linen sets are individually wrapped in cling wrap and stored in a cupboard to prevent possible contamination;

  • Face rest triple wrapped, includes a pillowcase that hangs down and acts as an additional barrier for your mask as you breathe;

  • Water is not available in the office. If you bring your own, you must wait until you leave the building to remove your mask to drink.

I am high-risk and in order to keep me safe, I ask that in the two weeks prior to your appointment, you wear a mask at all times when
outside of your home, practice hyper-vigilant social distancing, refrain from visiting friends/family who do not live in your household, avoid
dining at outdoor restaurants, isolate for 10-14 days if you travel. Through the years, I have gone to extremes to help you gain improved
movement and reduce pain in your body. Now, I need your help to remain safe and reduce the spread of this virus.

Stay Safe!
Because...I cannot help anyone if I get sick.
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