I enjoy massages generally but oftentimes I don't really feel better
afterwards. That's where she stands out.  Linda's massages both feel great
and provide me with some relief from chronic back pain.  In fact, she's
the only masseuse I've found who can really isolate the area where I have
the most pain. I have to say that she has even exceeded the high
expectations I had based on her reputation. I also appreciate her advice
on managing back pain.  - Rain M.

one of San Francisco's best kept secrets. She is not just a massage
therapist--a visit to her is like going to a physical therapist and holistic
healer as well. She knows human bodies SO well...she is able to quickly
find the source of my pain and it's often in places that don't directly help
and she's able to explain to me how/why and make it feel better.  -
Christine G.

I have an old shoulder injury and was instructed by my surgeon Dr. Akizuki
to combine massage with my physical therapy.  Since seeing Linda I have
improved so much it is unbelievable. I am so glad she was referred to me
and know that anyone in pain, or just likes to get a massage will improve
by visiting Linda.  Her prices are extremely reasonable and she has good
music to listen to as well. - Kasi S.

I have seen many, many massage therapists over the years. But Linda
Crane is simply the best I have ever been to, and is why I have been
seeing her for 12 years.  - David B.

Linda is a highly professional, intelligent, intuitive, and caring massage
therapist. Hands down the best massage that I have ever received. It's
beyond feeling good; it's about healing.  - David D.

Linda is such a treat. I went in feeling run down and left feeling peaceful
and happy. I am so happy to have found her.  - Kailo M.

She is one of the best massage therapists that I have ever worked with.
And I have worked with probably over 20 massage therapists in my
lifetime. She is not locked into one modality and she is not a
clockwatcher. she really cares about your well-being and will employ any
techniques necessary to get your knots out. She is so gifted that she will
find areas that are causing you problems that you were not even aware
of. Her pressure is generally very firm, so if you like deep tissue work,
you would love her. There is nothing shi shi and hotel spa like about this
place. It's a place to get a serious body work done. - Su K.

Where's the 6 star rating when you need it?! Linda is hands down the best
massage therapist on the planet. I've seen her over the last few years
when I've pulled a muscle, felt tense due to stress or simply felt like I
needed a "tune-up." I've told her that she's ruined any other massage I've
gotten, because they never and will never match up to her. I've
recommended her to many friends and coworkers who have seen her, and
we've given her the nickname of "Magic Hands." If you're looking for the
best, go to Linda, and thank me later.  - Courtney M.

Best massage therapist EVER!  Linda can somehow sense where your pain
is even before you tell her, and you always leave feeling like a new
person.  She also has a wonderful personality.  - Rupa P.

Most incredible massage and only a block away from my office.  I have
been to many places in SF and this is my favorite yet!  - Catherine J.

Linda is amazing!!! I would give 10 stars if I could! She cares a lot about
the results. I tore 3 ligaments in my ankle playing soccer in April 2011. I
had surgery, to no avail. 6 months later, I still couldn't run, 2 different
surgeons suggested another surgery, with no guarantees. I did not want to
do it again. I saw 2 Physical Therapy sites. The first gave up on my ankle,
the second told me I would never find my range of motion again and that I
should be happy to be walking without pain. I also saw a Chiropractor 4
times, nothing changed. While doctors, therapist and chiropractor
focused only on the ankle, Linda is the only person who worked from my
thigh to my toes, explaining that everything was connected. She mainly
did a lot of work on my calves, and under my feet (so painful that I
couldn't talk, but totally worth it). She also helped me change some of my
diet habits. After about 8 torture sessions of an hour each, I am now able
to run, jump, crouch down again! I'm back to where I was before my
injury. I still can't believe it today, I've been playing soccer for 2 months
without pain.  - Pascal H.

Linda is a gifted healer. I can tell that she's intent on relaxing all  those
tense muscles and nerves - she customizes the massage and stops at the
knotted parts and goes to town on them! No standard routine massage can
really heal you - and she knows this.   - Becca S.

Linda is a truly a gifted healer. I am a person that has gone to MANY places
to get massages, and I have found that she is one of the best in San
Francisco. Not only that, but it is her energy and spirit, that adds to the
experience. I am always greeted by her warm calming eyes and smile. I
have a lot of pain from holding stress in my body from various activities,
in addition, from dancing. She is able to get all the tightness out and I
walk out feeling like a different person. I always look so much forward to
her massages. What I also appreciate about her, is that her prices are
extremely affordable compared to most other massage therapists. She
makes is accessible for the average working person. She does it out of
the love of it, TO HEAL.  – Helen S.

has the hands of a healing goddess. I realize that probably sounds over the
top, but I can think of no better way to describe the transformation in my
muscles and range of motion after a massage session with Linda. Since the
start of my second trimester, I've been discovering the new found feelings
of muscle pain in, well, my butt. The sciatic nerve to be more specific. A
lively, shooting pain all down my left leg. In a word, Yowsa! The first
couple of days were unbearable - walking and sleeping were a challenge -
and I made a same-day emergency appointment with Linda. With her time
and effort, my back and hip muscles felt brand new. Some soreness
remained, as might be expected, but the shooting pain was gone, and I
was able to walk and sleep comfortably. I made the decision to go every
two weeks for the remainder of my pregnancy, and I couldn't be more
grateful.  – Rachel F.

Linda is not only a great massager (is that the right word?!) but a fantastic
person who takes healing the whole body very seriously.  From her
knowledge of the body to herbs, vitamins, and alternative remedies, I
credit her with extending my pick-up basketball career.  Prior to seeing
her, I couldn't walk without pain.  I would not hesitate to recommend
her.  – Jason L.

What I love about Linda is that she is caring and takes her job seriously.  
She really wants you to be balanced and pain-free. Her style is to treat
massage as a true therapy.  So, you don't go in and ask for a shiatsu, or a
swedish.  She asks you questions about what issues you've got, and then
she tailors each massage to your needs from various styles of massage.   –
Catherine C.
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